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The intent of the St. Borromeo Seminary is to provide individuals with a path to become clergy in the United Episcopal Catholic Communion.

The seminary is registered in the State of Missouri and is not accredited by 'secular university' style accreditation associations, which is guarantied under the laws of the State of Missouri. Within these precepts, we offer degrees of a 'theological nature only'.

The seminary is not designed for entry into other organizations or to be used as transfer credits. While it is true many of the independent churches may consider our training to meet their requirements, this is not a guarantee we can provide - real or imagined. If any organization desires to have one of their postulants enter the seminary, they must contact to receive a Letter of Understanding and request permission to utilize the seminary.

What is your intent for entry into the seminary?

Become a clergy member within the United Episcopal Catholic Communion and it's affiliations 
Was sent here for training from another organization
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Bachelor of Sacred Christian Theology
Master of Sacred Christian Theology
Doctor of Sacred Christian Theology
Doctor of Divinity
Certificate Program / Continued Formation