A fully affirming and Inclusive Alliance from across Christendom



What is the Free Christian Alliance ?
​Why it is true there are many Christian organisations and alliances and such out there they tend to have a few issues or problems: 1) They cater towards a specific denominational preference. 2) They invariably ask for fees that frankly exclude many poor ministries from participating or joining. 3) These organisations become co-opted or become vehicles for something other than the Christian faith.
Independent Ministry or Free Christian Ministry or whatever term you may wish you use is a very unique and very difficult type of ministry as well as very innovative and creative. Within Catholic and Anglican circles this is dominated by the Independent Sacramental Movement which is beset with its own problems including endless arguments over validity and apostolic succession, as well as claims by various jurisdictions to be the one true interpretation of the faith and all others to be wrong.
For other denominational styles similar arguments are often used and indeed the biggest issue in this regard was the proliferation of the Universal Life Church which ordains anyone to Ministry without any formation which has resulted in people practising ministry who are ill equipped or in some cases not suitable for the pressures of Ministry.
The FCA seeks to be an Alliance that reaches across all “Free” or “Independent” Ministries and a place that we can come together share resources and network this means that all members retain their independence.  Would the FCA eventually be able to offer training and or Ordination? Long term thinking it could well do this, if enough Independent Ministries join the FCA then it could in theory offer avenues in training for those pursuing a calling in Independent Catholic jurisdictions, Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian etc. But that is not something we could do immediately instead immediately the FCA can point people and recommend people to Seminary’s and educational training that Members of the Alliance already operate and in some ways this may be the best method of Unity of Educational standards within the Alliance. As an alliance the FCA would recognise agreed seminaries within its membership this would obviously be voted and agreed upon by the members.
The Education, training and formation of people is something that is key to the future of Independent Ministry being taken seriously, luckily there a number of places that offer affordable and free degree level training and also utilise the apprenticeship method of training which lends itself well to the training of Ministers/Priests/Pastors.