An integral component of the United Episcopal Catholic Communion is the St. Charles Borromeo Seminary. St. Borromeo embraces the ancient traditions of the church, with priest training priest to fulfill a calling in this organization.

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St. Charles Borromeo Seminary is fully integrated into the United Episcopal Catholic Communion and fulfills all of the requirement of new postulants to enter as active presbytery in the organization.

The seminary is designed based of one simple premise, for 1900 years of Christian History many clergy were trained by clergy outside of what we view as a university environment. For most of that history, university was only the preview of clergy that wished to debate theology. Practicing clergy commonly progressed through the monastic environment.

We boldly embrace this ancient training, as it removes the secular components (and secular distractions) from clerical training. This process of clergy training clergy embodies the removal of secular accreditation and secular/government intervention, with the removal of the extreme monetary indebtedness that results from those university practices. Within the context of the First Amendment of the United States, and the freedoms guaranteed by the signers of the Hague Convention, the removal of said secular components is right and just.

None the less, our organization reserves the right to accredit the seminary at a time of our choosing. Therefore it will not be secular accreditation, the process will be sought through a religious accreditation organization. This guarantees the theological training remains pure.

The training received is based on historical apostolic practices, current religious trends,  biblical study, specific liturgies, morality, practical training to perform the mass and general ethics. The training included many aspects that are unique to this organization.

The seminary is designed such that the postulant will be ordained into the United Episcopal Catholic Communion. It is not the intent of the seminary, real or imagined, to train any clergy to move to another organization. While it is true that many of the independent churches worldwide may recognize the seminary and the associated priesthood, this is not within the scope of our organization.

  • With that being said, there is a process of understanding that will allow other organizations to utilize the St. Borromeo Seminary and associated resources.

St. Borromeo Seminary provides only theological degrees. None the less, it is right and binding that upon completion the title of Bachelor, Master or Doctor of Theology is granted will all rights and privileges to use said titles. The Proper abbreviations of said titles shall be: Th.B, Th.M and Th.D

All curriculum is self study and self paced, with several components of "hands on" training that may be accomplished via video.