St. Charles Borromeo

United Episcopal Catholic Communion




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 Who We Are

Our seminary is designed for new postulants who feel the calling to ministry, and we provide a path to start their own mission or church as a member of our organization.

None the less, anyone desiring to simply increase their knowledge is free to take part the seminary.

We are a integral part of the operations of the United Episcopal Catholic Communion.



We are an Apostolic Church that is a dynamic and growing organization. Recorded Valid Apostolic Succession. Our seminary provides a path to licensed ministry, Apostolic Deaconship or Apostolic Priesthood.



 Our seminary is in whole an integral part of the UECC National Communion, is regulated entirely under the charter and bylaws of the UECC National Communion, and formally recognize the Canons of the UECC.

The UECC National, UECC Seminary and associated communion of churches are autonomous organizations that avidly supports all universal and open churches of the Old Catholic and Anglican ethos, and fully recognize groups of all denominations 



The UECC Seminary is directed by the Chancellor and the Bishop's Council