United Episcopal Catholic Communion

National Church and Communion of churches in the tradition of the Independent Catholic and Anglo-Catholic/Protestant faiths. We are welcoming and inclusive of all people.

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General Clergy Position

Religious Position: Looking for postulates, ministers, priests or bishops to be either trained, incardinated or ordained into the Apostolic Succession of our churches.

If you are a priest or bishop that has been disenfranchised from your previous organization, please feel free to contact us.

This search is for "all areas" in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The candidate may fulfill the requirements of a deacon, licensed minister, priest (Apostolic Succession) or Bishop (Apostolic Succession) of the UECC family of Churches. We are an Independent Old Catholic organization, with an Anglican Ordinate, that embraces both ancient and contemporary practices.

This is a calling and not a paid position. We truly believe the ministry is a calling and not a business. The candidate will assist the presiding Archbishop in providing some or all of the following: Services to the disenfranchised or home bound, hospital and retirement facility visitations, hospital visitation and formation of their own congregations.

The candidates if accepted will follow the general operational guidelines, rubrics and canons of the church. They will operate with a large amount of autonomy, monitored by the presiding Archbishop. These individuals will have the ability to form their individual church or mission to fit the requirements of their region. No monies will flow upwards or downwards in the diocese. The presiding Archbishop and the church itself is in place to lend assistance and mentoring, either in theology or divinity.

Please read our beliefs page to better understand who we are: https://sgecc.org/index.php/about/beliefs

If you feel the calling as a postulate, or are an existing minister or priest seeking a non-judgmental, non-political and fellowship based organization please consider an inquiry.

Contact Most Rev Brian at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

If you do feel the calling, you may fill out the clergy application form at https://sgecc.org/index.php/vocations/clergy-vocations

Please use the electronic form at the bottom of that page if possible.


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